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The prefecture of Thesprotia, at te southwestern edge of Greece is mostly a mountainous area shaped by the western mountain ranges of Pindos, which gradually lower westwards to the sea. Among these sierras there are small and oblong valleys traversed by the rivers of Kalama and Acheron. The two rivers, receiving the waters of many small rivers and torrents, flow into the Ionian Sea. The few precipitous coasts are alternated by multible small and broad bays and offer this mountainous area of Greece the name “well harboured Thesprotia” saved by the ancient written tradition. Thesprotia owes its name to the Pelasgian governor “thesproto” who founded the first thesprotian city, Kichyros, later called Efira.

It is the capital of the peripheral unit Thesprotia and today constitutes one of the most important ports for Greece and the whole Europe. The construction of Egnatia highway has reinforced the importance of its location.There are innumerable natural beauties in the areas surrounding the city. Just 5 km from the city centre, one can admire the beautiful peninsula Drepanos with a beach 8 km long.

Undoubtedly classified among the most beautiful places of Greece. Lots of small beaches in combination with the green of the hills and the blue of the sea compose the beautiful landscapeof Sivota. Sivota is known since ancient years. It was the place of the famous Naval Battle in 433 B.C. between the inhabitants of Korinthos and Corfu.

It is situated 12 km from Igoumenitsa  to Athens. Marvelous beaches with crystal-clear waters, the three campings and the sandy coasts attract the visitor who can taste fresh fidh while enjoying the calm of the sea.

The beautiful region of Perdika lies on the beachside between Sivota and Parga. Idyllic, attractive, really fascinating, the whole area with the beaches and the islets will be a unique experience for the visitor-tourist.

It is located between two historical rivers, Acheron and Kalamas. Built on the foothills of Gorila mount, it creates an imposing image. In the past, it used to be a great  cultural and commercial centre. Buildings from the era of Turkish occupation are reserved until today. Within the town, the outstanding Byzantine temple of Panagia of Paramithia is still saved. In a walking distance from the Bridge of Gliki, there are the sources of the river Acheron. At the distance of about 28 km from Pramithia, there are the villages of Souli whose name is related to the fights of the inhabitants against Turks.

In the past, Filiates was one of the most important centres of trade in the area, because of its position on the road from Sagiada Port to Ioannina. One can visit the Holy Monastery of Giromeni (13th century) and the Holy Monastery of Kamitsiani(1613) with its remarkable mural paintings, the folklore museum of Tsamantas and the village Keramitsa, ranked in the first 40 world awards as model of development, environmental protection and quality of life for the inhabitants, during  HABITAT II conference. The village Plaisio is the homeland of Kyra Frosini.

It used to be a very important trade centre because of its geographical location.It is situated opposite the city of Corfu that was the place of transaction of the Venetian commerce. In Sagiada, one can enjoy fresh fish in the small and picturesque port.

Margariti is located on the road to Athens. It was built in the 18th century. Margariti was the residence of agas. Remnants of the era are still preserved (old palaces, the minaret of a ruined mosque and a castle).

Morphologically, Thesprotia is mostly mountainous. In the past, the beaches were less populated because of the fear for pirates. Thus, in the prefecture there are villages, most of which are devastated or have very few inhabitants. These villages are built of white stone of the area and surmounted on the sides of the mountains among very tall trees. They are really worth visiting in order to admire the magnificent architecture, fully combined with the landscape.


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Sivota, Thesprotia - Greece
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